2018. "The Ruler's Game of Musical Chairs: Shuffling during the Reign of Ethiopia's last Emperor." Social Networks 52: 154-166

In Progress
"Creating Stability Amid Change: Cabinet Appointments and the Survival of Dictators."

"Factions and the Dictator's Survival Strategy in Times of Crisis: Appointments in the Aftermath of Failed Coups."

"Who Is the Party? Career Paths and Cadre Loyalty in the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front" (with Terrence Lyons, Leonardo Arriola and Seife Ayalew)

"Who will you Impact? Diverse Protestors and their Reference Groups" (with Michael Thompson).

Book Reviews
2015. "Seizing Power: The Strategic Logic of Military Coups" by Naunihal Singh. Journal of Peace Review. Vol.27 No.4.

2011. "Borders & Broderlanders as Resource in the Horn of Africa" by Feyissa, Dereje, and Markus V. Hoehne, eds. Africa Today. Vol.57 No.3.